Author: Cleaver Patterson

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The Wolverine (2013)

Of all the comic-book characters available for big screen treatment – which includes a fair number if you take into account both Marvel and DC Comics’ back catalogue – the lycanthropic Wolverine has featured relatively little apart from appearing in films starring various characters under the collective grouping of the […]

Feature, Film Review

The Internship (2013)

It may be hard for many to remember a time before Google, the ubiquitous search-engine which is for most users of the World Wide Web, the first stop when they’re looking for information on … anything. In reality however Google has only been with us for fifteen years. If though, […]

Film Review

The Facility (2012)

It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how many horror films I have watched (and we’re talking a fair few here), something always appears which manages to shock me – though not always in the way intended.  It increasingly seems that new films which fall with the remit […]

Film Review

Mama (2013)

A film as cliché ridden as Mama (2013), the new horror / thriller from director Andrés Muschietti and executive producer Guillermo del Toro, really does not deserve to be fun. However this tale of haunted cabins, orphaned children and malevolent spirits starring Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Megan Charpentier and Isabelle […]

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The Lorax (2012)

Twelve year old Ted (voiced by Zac Efron) lives with his mother (Jenny Slate) and Grammy Norma (Betty White), in a town called ‘Thneed-Ville’ where nothing’s real – the trees and vegetation are all fake and Mr O’Hare (Rob Riggle), a tyrannical business man who rules the town with a […]

DVD Review

The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

The Return of the Living Dead, the cult splatter outing written and directed by Dan O’Bannon (who is probably best known as the screen writer behind such infamous horror and sci-fi titles as Alien, Dead and Buried and Total Recall), is so mad in every way, that you can’t help […]

Film Review

Delicacy (2011)

If ever a film lived up to its name it is Delicacy. The new French romantic comedy by directors David and Stéphane Foenkinos, and starring Audrey Tatou and François Damiens, is a delicate and enchanting film which, though it never rushes in telling its story, neither feels ponderous or overextended. […]

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The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

I positively loved The Cabin in the Woods. Who cares that it’s a take-off of every horror movie ever seen, as it approaches it all with such ghoulish delight that only a jaded hack would fail to get caught up in its deliciously over-the-top mayhem. Five college kids (Chris Hemsworth, […]