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Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)

It only took $11,000, a nice suburban San Diego home and a tried-and-true gimmick to craft last year’s sleeper, “Paranormal Activity” – a clever first person perspective, shaky-cam “home movie” that told a rather effective haunted house story. The inevitable sequel is hitting theaters a year later and unfortunately, it […]

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Top Ten 90’s Bullies

The 1980’s was a decade that established a very clear template for the beast that is the “Movie Bully”. Be it Ace Merrill (Stand By Me), Heather Chandler (Heathers) or the legendary Biff Tannen (Back To The Future), a certain aesthetic had been laid and cemented for future generations of […]

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Frozen (2010)

[very minor spoliers may ensue] Frozen is the type of movie that would work great in an elevator pitch because it’s basic premise can be summed up in one simple question – “What would happen if three kids got stuck on a ski-lift after a mountain had closed for the […]

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Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

Before I attempt to check my biased opinion at the door, allow me to state upfront that I dislike the notion that every classic horror film needs an update. I’m all for a good remake/re-imagining, but I think they should be reserved for films that have not aged well (looking […]

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The Lovely Bones (2010)

Let me first start out by saying that I have not read the book on which this flick is based. I am aware of how popular and loved it is, so I understand some of the backlash it received simply based on the fans expectations (believe me, if anyone other […]

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Cop Out (2010)

The Beastie Boys No Sleep Till Brooklyn rips up on the soundtrack while Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan walk toward us in slow-motion during the opening images of Cop Out, Kevin Smith’s latest flick and his first real foray into big budget studio filmmaking. Smith has spent the better part […]

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The Book Of Eli (2010)

It’s been 30 winters since “the flash” and Denzel Washington is carrying a King James Bible west on his way to the ocean. It’s made clear very early on that it’s not a good idea to get in his way. The Hughes Brothers Book of Eli is another entry into […]

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Mystery Team (2010)

I first heard of Derrick Comedy a few years ago when I stumbled across one of their youtube skits called Girls Are Not To Be Trusted, where a character named Kevin uses his film class and all of his classmates short flicks to exact revenge on his cheating girlfriend Melanie […]

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Shutter Island (2010)

I just got back from my second screening of Martin Scorsese’s latest opus Shutter Island (saw it on opening day as well). I truly felt as though I couldn’t give any sort of intelligent criticisms about the film without having seen it for at least a second time. Now that […]