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Sunshine (2007)

Written by Alex Garland and directed by Danny Boyle, Sunshine is science fiction for grown-ups.  While most sci-fi films attempt to dazzle you with exploding star ships, impress you with spectacular space battles and garish costumes, and treat the audience like idiots, Sunshine follows in the rarely observed tradition of […]

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Up in the Air (2009)

Writer/director Jason Reitman’s Up in the Air starts out like one of his father’s (Ivan Reitman) comedies from the  1980s. Overhead shots of clouds and the earth below, paired with an upbeat friendly score, make this seem like a fun, friendly outing. But, this all ends when we see the […]

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Moon (2009)

Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do… If ever there were a debut with an elephant in the room this is it. And, here, it’s an elephant which no-one seems to want to acknowledge: not the director, not the marketers, and curiously, not the critics: every review […]

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Bigelow wins Oscar battle of the Ex’s

We saw an Oscar first last night with Kathryn Bigelow becoming the first  woman in Academy Awards history to win best director. Her low-budget  Iraq war drama The Hurt Locker also won best film and four other  awards. Delivering a knock out blow to her ex-husband James Cameron’s  huge-budget Avatar […]

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Shutter Island (2010)

I just got back from my second screening of Martin Scorsese’s latest opus Shutter Island (saw it on opening day as well). I truly felt as though I couldn’t give any sort of intelligent criticisms about the film without having seen it for at least a second time. Now that […]

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Up (2009)

Only the second ever animated film to be nominated for an Academy Best Picture Award, Beauty and the Beast (1991) was the other. However some may argue that fellow 2010 best picture contendor Avatar, is also an animation! Up is a typically charming offering from Pixar. Fantastic animation as you […]

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Baftas – British gold and a whole lotta hurt…

So the results of the star studded Baftas are in and the news from the emotionally charged London’s Royal Opera House is unsurprising British gold for Colin Firth who snags the Best Actor gong, and Carey Mulligan getting the Best Actress award. However the out and out surprise is The […]

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Stars looking their worst

With the release of Precious, starring Maria Carey as a welfare counselor, barely recognisable, scrubbed of her make up and with her blond locks turned a dull brown, we have been inspired to put together this top ten of stars looking their worse. However please do not be mistaken, this […]

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And the nominations are…

Avatar and The Hurt Locker dominate the 82nd Academy Awards nominations but there is hope yet for British gold with three Oscar nods. Carey Mulligan and Dame Helen Mirren are vieing for the best actress gong, Mulligan for An Education and Dame Helen for The Last Station and Colin Firth is up for A […]

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Bring me the head of Peter Jackson

Despite coming some 30 years after the first Hollywood Zombie movie was presented to the viewing public (White Zombie, Victor Halperin 1932) it is George A Romero who is recognised as having placed the image of the slow, shuffling Zombie into the common consciousness of the horror movie fan. Widely […]