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So Bad, They’re Good! (Kinda)

Don’t you just love it when Channel 5 provide us with some quality Saturday night entertainment? You may notĀ agree they’re all Blockbusters, but think again when you next snarl at the TV Guide… All too often, their idea of ‘entertainment’ is all for the wrong reasons. 10. Dante’s Peak The […]


A Homage to Hit Girl

5 Reasons Why The Purple-Haired, Caped-Crusader is way more kick-ass than Kick-Ass… Having already watched Kick-Ass twice at the cinema I can confirm that the controversial comic book character Hit Girl is my new personal hero. For those of you who have managed to avoid looking at buses and billboards […]

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Brittany Murphy Top Five Tribute

Brittany Murphy was one of those stars who who gleamed quietly in the background, never really receiving the same levels of attention as the actors and actresses she supported. As yet all the media can do is speculate on the cause of death, but even if it was in some […]

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Stars looking their worst

With the release of Precious, starring Maria Carey as a welfare counselor, barely recognisable, scrubbed of her make up and with her blond locks turned a dull brown, we have been inspired to put together this top ten of stars looking their worse. However please do not be mistaken, this […]

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Bring me the head of Peter Jackson

Despite coming some 30 years after the first Hollywood Zombie movie was presented to the viewing public (White Zombie, Victor Halperin 1932) it is George A Romero who is recognised as having placed the image of the slow, shuffling Zombie into the common consciousness of the horror movie fan. Widely […]