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Iron Man 2 (2010)

Race cars. One-liners galore. Hammeroids (wait for it…). Attitude out the wazoo. Blissful amounts of sci-fi action. Iron Man 2 is here, it’s smooth, it’s slick, and it’s got everything a red-blooded boy could want. Which is spectacular news for those of us who’re still boys at heart. Taking its […]


Disney ‘Diamond Edition’ Dates Confirmed

‘Hear-Ye, Hear Ye’… Some interesting news has just cropped up from the land of Disney. And they’ve come in the form of long awaited release dates! Beauty and The Beast: Diamond Edition – October 5th Fantasia/F-2000: Diamond Edition – December 7th During what’s so far been a hectic year for […]

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So Bad, They’re Good! (Kinda)

Don’t you just love it when Channel 5 provide us with some quality Saturday night entertainment? You may not agree they’re all Blockbusters, but think again when you next snarl at the TV Guide… All too often, their idea of ‘entertainment’ is all for the wrong reasons. 10. Dante’s Peak The […]

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Cocktail (1988)

A dash of Cheese, a slice of Cruise, and you’ve got yourself a classic Cocktail… What do ‘Cocktail’ and ‘Top Gun’ have in common? They both feature the hopeless romantic Tom Cruise in some kind of Military guise. And both are prone to Cruise flexing his chest rather suggestively. However […]


Edinburgh FF hosts Toy Story 3 premiere

Cinema audiences in Scotland will be the first outside of the US to see one of the most eagerly anticipated sequels of all time.For this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival will host the international premiere of Toy Story 3. The CGI blockbuster will have a 3D gala screening in June, […]

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The Invasion (2007)

We have had film versions of Jack Finney’s 1955 novel “The Body Snatchers” in 1956, 1978 and 1993, and then again in 2007. In terms of directorial inventiveness, moody tension and visual splendor, the first two movies are vastly better than the latter two. However, the fourth and latest is […]

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Cruise of the Gods (2002)

We have all seen and enjoyed Galaxy Quest, haven’t we? It’s a brilliant spoof on, and homage to, Star Trek fandom, or sci-fi fandom in general. Cruise of the Gods is exactly the same kind of thing, but produced by and for the British. It focuses on the fans of […]

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Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Sleeping Beauty stands out as one of Disney’s finest and most daring renditions of the ‘traditional’ fairytale. The plot, in short, follows baby Princess Aurora being threatened with an eternal sleep by the wicked witch Malificent as a ‘present’ for her 16th birthday (I know, some present!), leaving our three […]

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Snow White (1937)

Walt Disneys first feature length animation, Snow White, has finally got the package and medium it deserves with this Blu-Ray Diamond Edition box set. Its only fitting then that the film which innovated legendary storytelling and mechanical processes became the first in a series of Diamond Edition packages, Disney claiming […]

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Toy Story (1995)

I’ve been a proud owner of the original ’10th Anniversary Edition’ DVD of Toy Story for some time, but had been contemplating whether a purchase of this new Special Edition was actually worth while or, indeed, necessary. These CGI romps from Pixar tend to have less resell value given that […]