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Continental drift …..

If your thing is film with a continental flavour, then you will be in for a treat in 2015.  Starting this month, and continuing throughout the year, the Walk This Way project – which plans to explore European film by genre, through means of video on demand platforms – will […]

DVD Review

Fire in the Blood (2013)

”Quite frankly, at the end, the companies are running the U.S. government. They are pulling the strings.” – Peter Rost, MD, former Vice-President of Pfizer, Inc. It is fortuitous that the documentary Fire in the Blood came along at around the same time as the Neill Blomkamp movie Elysium (click to see […]

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Grand comme le Baobab (2012)

Grand comme le Baobab (Tall as the Baobab Tree) is the first narrative feature from young American director/producer/writer Jeremy Teicher. Shot entirely on location in a village in rural Senegal, …Baobab tells the story of a village and a people on the verge of modernity, of a community in the […]

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Sleeping Sickness (2011)

Where to begin with Sleeping Sickness? I can only divulge the first third of its plot, merely suggest genre, and much less express my feelings intelligibly for fear of giving away the film’s myriad surprises. Perhaps it’s an enigmatic thriller set around the world of medicine, specifically concerning Dr. Velten (the […]

Film Review

The Dead (2010)

Just when you think it’s becoming more and more impossible to churn out a zombie movie that has a slightly different angle on the situation along comes a zombie movie with a slightly different angle on the situation. The Dead is a very impressive, unassuming little horror movie fully deserving […]