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DVD Review

Attack of the Werewolves (2011)

Attack of the Werewolves (Lobos De Arga) is a Spanish comedy horror written and directed by Juan Martinez Moreno. It is set in a remote village called Arga, where a 100-year-old curse troubles the residents. Our protagonist Tomas (Gorka Otxoa) is an unsuccessful writer who travels from Madrid back to […]

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Lobos De Arga (2011)

AKA Game Of Werewolves (IMDb) AKA Attack Of The Werewolves (UK release title). There’s no point in beating about the bush with a movie like this. It’s the best werewolf movie to have been released in years and it’s one of the best comedy horrors that I’ve had the pleasure […]

Film Review

The Last Circus (2010)

Simply brilliant. It’s nice to begin a review with those words, you get the feeling that the words will flow and that you can get the message across to other movie goers as quickly and clearly as possible. So that’s that. Job done. Oh, I suppose I should offer a […]