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NEWSFLASH! London heavies ……

NEWSFLASH! London heavies ……

  If the first pictures, which have just been released, are anything to go by, you certainly wouldn’t want to mess with the cast of director Simon Rumley’s new crime drama, Once Upon a Time in London.     The film charts the rise and fall of Billy Hill (played […]

DVD Review

Wild Bill (2012)

Taken at face value, Wild Bill’s thrusting, tatooed, clenched fists and bruised forehead, as seen on the poster, may lead to the assumption that the British, or more specifically The East End, crime caper is a genre that can only be sold on the back of the legacy of Guy […]

Film Review

Wild Bill (2011)

British actor Dexter Fletcher makes his debut as director with the typically British Wild Bill. The film focuses on Bill Hayward (Charlie Creed-Miles) who has been in prison for eight years due to his ‘wild’ ways. Bill has been released from prison and seems to want to put his previous […]