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Film Review

In The Name Of The Son (2012)

A vigilante movie with a difference, In The Name Of The Son is a film with the potential to offend and alienate many viewers. I thought it was pretty great, but it’s undeniably just as discomforting as it is entertaining. Astrid Whettnall plays Elisabeth, a loving wife, a loving mother to […]

Film Review

Crazy Wisdom (2011)

AKA Crazy Wisdom: The Life & Times Of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Well, many people who already know plenty about me will be well aware that I’m not religious in any way. I’m a proud aetheist nowadays but I also like to think that I am respectful to others when it […]

Film Review

Karma (2006)

Isn’t it always the way. You wait for one Buddhist movie to come along and then you get four at once. Okay, maybe it’s a rare occurence but it was the strange situation that I found myself in recently. And I had to start off by considering whether or not […]

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Red State (2011)

The latest movie from writer-director Kevin Smith is, for those of you who have remained unaware, something radically different from anything that he’s done before. Described by some (including Smith himself) as a horror movie, I would disagree. But it’s certainly a powerful and disturbing film that packs a punch […]