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Film Review

The Goonies (1985)

Back in the early and mid-80s my provincial grade school offered its pupils membership of a great film club, where us kids could see all the latest, greatest movies at the local theatre house. That’s where I saw, at an impressionable young age, all sorts of sci-fi, fantasy and other […]

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Superman At The Movies

He may have been overshadowed recently by both Batman and Spider-Man, but it’s worth taking the time to remember just how prolific, and downright enjoyable, Superman has been in terms of onscreen adventures over the years. Here’s a very brief overview of the character as he was sold to viewers […]

Film Review

Scrooged (1988)

A modern retelling of A Christmas Carol, Scrooged is a film as fondly remembered for the many enjoyable comedy moments as it is also dismissed for the overdose of schmaltz that fills up the grand finale. But this is A Christmas Carol, a tale that does have moments of schmaltz, […]