TRAILER PARK: The Hippopotamus

TRAILER PARK: The Hippopotamus

It appears you can’t keep a good man down – especially if his name is Stephen Fry.  He may have left England’s green and pleasant land for the sunnier climes of America’s West Coast, but that doesn’t mean his presence can’t still be felt this side the Atlantic.  The new […]

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The Book Thief (2014)

There is a moving, beautifully-filmed story about a handsome young German girl struggling for her life, and to come of age, through an unlikely bond with a young Jewish refugee during the death throes of the Third Reich. This isn’t it. That film is Cate Shortland’s remarkable Lore (2012), and […]

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The Woman in Black (2012)

Towards the end of last year came the release of the British ghost chiller, The Awakening, which, although a disappointment, was an antidote to the current horror trend of gore and Blair Witch-like visuals. Like The Awakening, or perhaps a better example Robert Wise’s The Haunting, The Woman in Black […]