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‘Sound bite’ of the week ………

‘Sound bite’ of the week ………

“I wasn’t really prepared for it.  It hit me quite hard. It was kind of like an out of body experience.”  (Entertainment Weekly) Rupert Grint’s reaction to seeing Ron Weasley – the character he played in the Harry Potter films – being portrayed by actor Paul Thornley, in Harry Potter and the […]

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Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection

If anyone is balking at the price of this massive set, let it be known that it’s worth paying the £200 purely for the footage of Ralph Fiennes reading Voldemort’s entrance in the fourth book. That’s just one of the many great things you get with the Harry Potter Wizard’s […]

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Potty About Potter

A creation that has as much magic in the backstory behind it as it does on the page and on the screen, young Harry Potter was brought to life by J. K. Rowling in the wonderful city of Edinburgh while the woman struggled to cope with life as an unemployed, […]