Cats (2019) – Film Review

Cats is one of the most popular and longest-running musicals of all-time. Take the Oscar-winning director of Les Miserables. Add a cast that includes a Dame, a Sir and pop royalty. The purrfect recipe for success right? Scratch that

The Good Liar (2019) Film Review

Who says that firepower at the box office is only ignited when dynamic faces under age forty are solely featured? The onscreen pairing of radiant Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren and the distinguished Ian McKellen will beg to differ as

Mr. Holmes (2015)

He scorns the deerstalker, shuns the pipe and tuts his way through inaccurate cinematic depictions. 93 year old Sherlock Holmes is not a man at ease with the legend grown up around him. Frail of body and mind, he also desperately wants to…

65th Berlin Film Festival Preview

If there’s one thing the Berlin Film Festival has in abundance, it’s films. With hundreds of entries from across the world, the annual Berlinale provides a welcome reminder that the New Year hubbub building around mainstream awards…

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

In 2004, Bryan Singer was in the middle of negotiating a deal to complete his acclaimed X-Men trilogy.  When he abandoned the project to direct a new Superman film, there was a feeling of disappointment as fans wouldn’t see Singer’s final…