Host (2020) – Film Review

Low-budget Lockdown horror Host follows in the footsteps of some seminal scary movies. Just like what Psycho did for showers and Jaws did for swimming in the sea, Host will make you scared to go back into a video call. Horror movies

Make Up (2019) – Film Review

Claire Oakley's debut feature Make Up is an absorbing and compelling mystery, anchored by a dazzling turn by Molly Windsor. Anyone who has ever seen The Shining can attest to the fact that a hotel or holiday camp empty of guests can

MR. VAMPIRE – Blu Ray Review

Everybody is Kung Fu Biting in Ricky Lau's seminal horror comedy Mr. Vampire. Like a Taoist priest preparing a body for reburial, Eureka Entertainment have raided the crypts of Asian cinema to provide this cinematic classic with a