Stray Dolls (2020) Film Review

Ambitious female-bonding indie crime thrillers have a certain knack for putting forth noirs that feel rich in its dark, surreal spirit. Co-writer/director Sonejunhi Sinha's Stray Dolls looks to spice up the genre with her featured devious

Butt Boy (2020) Film Review

It is safe to say that co-writer/director/star Tyler Cornack's strained, forcefully outlandish, and sluggishly nasty mystery and suspense comedy Butt Boy needs its sorry gimmicky ass kicked to the curb. This 100-minute prolonged gag about

System Crasher (2020) Film Review

Documentary filmmaker Nora Fingscheidt serves up her impressive narrative feature debut with a confrontational conviction that is forceful and convincingly suggestive. Writer/director Fingscheidt's startling and grippingly raw portrait of

Clemency (2020) Film Review

Writer-director Chinonye Chukwu creatively establishes a totally distinctive brand of somber female empowerment in a penetrating character study of professional disconnect and consciousness. Chukwu's ("alaskaLand", "A Long Walk") piercing

The Captain (2020) Film Review

The cinematic inspiration for the real-life ominous May 2018 Sichuan Airlines flight 8633 is depicted so effectively in filmmaker Andrew Lau's hair-raising, high-in-the-sky action thriller The Captain. A notable cross between Clint

Stray (2020) Film Review

Writer-director Dustin Feneley's impressive feature debut Stray is simply contemplative and resoundingly lyrical in representing two kinds of nature set against one another: pained human nature and the Great Outdoors joined at the

Banana Split (2020) Film Review

Independent teen girl-bonding films have certainly come a long way in terms of its mature outlook and the aspects of a foundational relationship that conveys such noted bonds of affection. Throughout the last couple of years or so serious

Onward (2020) Film Review

Onward is another ambitious family-friendly entertainment to emerge out of the Pixar/Disney animation studio and it certainly has a lot to say about these current times of cynicism. From a brotherly tandem dealing with daddy-related issues