Luz (2019) Film Review

German writer-director Tilman Singer is at the helm of a hell-raising and hypnotic horror showcase in a feature debut that sizzles, rattles, and bewilders. Singer's Luz may be indescribable to pinpoint as far as demonic possession

Crawl (2019) Film Review

The Sunshine State is known for a lot of things that come to mind: the Disney experience, gorgeous heated weather, booming tourism, the exquisite beaches, delicious oranges, the melting pot of a diverse population, etc. However,

Trespassers (2019) Film Review

The home invasion genre is once again visited but with a potent twist of debauchery and deception in the slight but transfixing indie psychological thriller Trepassers. Director Orson Oblowitz ("The Queen of Hollywood Blvd") conjures up an

Happy Cleaners (2019) Film Review

Happy Cleaners is the latest familial drama that follows the trials and tribulations of the Asian-American experience as tested through the two generational scopes of a Korean clan trying to run a dry cleaning business in a multicultural

Stuber (2019) Film Review

It was a matter of time before Hollywood came knocking at the door in presenting the off-the-cuff trials and tribulations of the transportation phenomenon known as the Uber driver. On that note, director Michael Dowse ("What If", "Goon")

Silent Panic (2019) Film Review

Writer-director Kyle Schadt's revisits familiar territory with the "hiding the dead body" genre in the pedestrian crime thriller Silent Panic. Surprisingly uninvolving and flavorless, Schadt's male-bonding excursion into the seedy cover-up