Clemency (2020) Film Review

Writer-director Chinonye Chukwu creatively establishes a totally distinctive brand of somber female empowerment in a penetrating character study of professional disconnect and consciousness. Chukwu's ("alaskaLand", "A Long Walk") piercing

The Captain (2020) Film Review

The cinematic inspiration for the real-life ominous May 2018 Sichuan Airlines flight 8633 is depicted so effectively in filmmaker Andrew Lau's hair-raising, high-in-the-sky action thriller The Captain. A notable cross between Clint

Stray (2020) Film Review

Writer-director Dustin Feneley's impressive feature debut Stray is simply contemplative and resoundingly lyrical in representing two kinds of nature set against one another: pained human nature and the Great Outdoors joined at the

Banana Split (2020) Film Review

Independent teen girl-bonding films have certainly come a long way in terms of its mature outlook and the aspects of a foundational relationship that conveys such noted bonds of affection. Throughout the last couple of years or so serious

Onward (2020) Film Review

Onward is another ambitious family-friendly entertainment to emerge out of the Pixar/Disney animation studio and it certainly has a lot to say about these current times of cynicism. From a brotherly tandem dealing with daddy-related issues

Loqueesha (2019) Film Review

As with other yearly movie seasons, summertime 2019 was no different in terms of serving up interminable entertainment that actively tests our patience, intelligence, and appreciation for cockeyed comedies. Indeed, comedian Jeremy Saville

Bloodshot (2020) Film Review

NEWSFLASH: Vin Diesel is in an action thriller that does not require him to be fast or furious with the gear shift while burning rubber on the cluttered streets. However, Diesel is powered as a modified machine-like assassin in the

The Hunt (2020) Film Review

Director Craig Zobel's shoddy survivalist exploitation flick The Hunt asks the impending question: what if this squeamish vehicle surrounding a dozen of so-called hunted undesirables was a derivative take on The Most Dangerous Game theme

The Way Back (2020) Film Review

Redemptive sports dramas often carry the burden of emotional despair and destruction and the usual formulaic cliches that come along with this genre. Director Gavin O'Connor's foray into uncontrollable addiction in the soul-searching