Buffaloed (2020) Film Review

It is one thing to be bamboozled and feel kind of ridiculed about the whole affair. However, to be Buffaloed...well that is another kettle of fish worth frying in the pan. Director Tanya Wexler's bubbly blue-collar comedy Buffaloed is a

Fantasy Island (2020) Film Review

What is the sudden preoccupation with reviving nostalgic prime time shows from the American ABC-TV network line-up from the 1970's and 1980s? One guesses that revisiting Charlie's Angels for the umpteenth time was not good enough. Now the

Downhill (2020) Film Review

The dwindling dramedy Downhill is indeed a figurative slippery slope for the comedic powerhouse pair of Julia Louis Dreyfus and Will Ferrell. As a surfacing frustrated married couple whose shaky marital relationship is tested on a skiing

John Henry (2020) Film Review

As a folk hero larger than life, the character of John Henry was wondrous in myth and legend. However, as an on-screen reformed urban gangster trying not to revert back to his violent and chaotic ways this muscular-bound menace seeking

Dolittle (2020) Film Review

Talking animals may be a cute anecdote in family-friendly films for those that routinely find furry mouthpieces a hysterical happening...particularly for the impressionable kiddies that do not know any better but to embrace this kind of

Like a Boss (2020) Film Review

The woefully pedestrian female workplace comedy Like a Boss wants to employ the scattered gags as its frothy foundation. Unfortunately, this dismissive hiccup of hilarity is bombarded by a flat and flimsy premise deserving of an immediate