Monsoon (2019) – Film Review

In the second feature film by Cambodia-born British filmmaker Hong Khaou, Monsoon stars Henry Golding as Vietnamese-British man Kit, who returns to Vietnam to scatter his parents' ashes. Having left the country when he was a child, the

Rocks (2019) – Film Review

Four years after she opened London Film Festival (LFF) with historical drama Suffragette, filmmaker Sarah Gavron's latest film Rocks won rave reviews at last year's LFF. Starring an array of British talent, the film follows a teenage girl

Proxima (2019) – Film Review

Directed by French filmmaker Alice Winocour, Proxima stars Eva Green as Sarah, an engineer and astronaut who has been chosen to fly into space. As she undergoes extensive training, the relationship with her daughter Stella (Zélie Boulant)