Shortcut (2020) – Film Review

In Shortcut a group of young teens are forced to work together when their bus is terrorised by a vicious creature. We don’t know where they’re going or for what reason, but the 5 young’uns find themselves alone when their bus driver is

Lucky (2020) – Film Review

In a structure that has been revived for horror with Happy Death Day and its sequel, Lucky follows a woman who must fight against the same masked intruder who breaks into her house every single night. It’s hard to review Lucky without

Come True (2020) – Film Review

In Come True, teenager Sarah opts in for a mysterious sleep study but is shocked when she learns the truth behind the strange examination of the participants’ dreams. The film’s retro vibes pulsate in the beautiful, electronic score and

Shook (2021) – Film Review

In Shudder's latest horror offering Shook, Mia, a social influencer with over 18,000 followers, is forced to think about what truly matters when she is tormented by a man who lives across the street. Shook is a film for the moment as

Butchers (2020) – Film Review

Directed by Adrian Langley, Butchers follows a family of killers who prey on the innocent travellers they happen to cross paths with. What ensues is an expectedly vicious, but wholly unoriginal 90 minutes of blood and mayhem. The film

Sator (2019) – Film Review

Inspired by the director Jordan Graham’s own family’s experiences, Sator follows a secluded family stalked by the supernatural entity Sator. The film is mostly set in an ominous forest at night, so prepare yourself to see characters who