Beanpole (2019) Film Review

In 1943, Paramount Pictures release So Proudly We Hail!, an American war film that follows the Angels of Bataan, a group of nurses sent to the Philippines during the early days of WWII. In one scene, Japanese soldiers are advancing onto

The Turning (2020) Film Review

The year is 1994. Pulp Fiction would soon have cult status; "Love is All Around" by Wet Wet Wet is number one on the charts; Oasis releases their first album; the PlayStation makes its debut; Diana takes her revenge with that dress; VHS

Fantasia Review: 8 (2019)

Harold Holscher’s debut feature, 8, is seeping in South African culture and folklore as reality and superstitions collide. It’s hard to imagine that a film draped in breathtaking imagery is hiding something dark - what the film’s