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Believing I would follow a career in journalism, I earned myself a Grade-B in English Language and Literature during my years at College - a very intense time academically (though, none the less, enjoyable). I've always had a natural ability to write fluently, and have followed in my dads footsteps by regularly writing poetry and song lyrics for my own pleasure. Give me the time, and I even love to write short stories!

Despite enjoying comprehension, I decided that I needed a more creative output if I was to ever enjoy my future career, and so I took the patience to try a number of different disciplines, some of which included Product Design, Sports Science, Graphic Art and Art & Museum Studies. It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally approaching the end of my current University course; Popular Music Studies, which will hopefully take me to the end of my academic years.

It would be ignorant to suggest I learnt nothing from all my indecisions - in fact, I learnt a great deal from each one and I certainly won't let all that cramming go to waste. But in my current discipline, studying the world of sound aesthetics and the music business as a whole, I have found a subject area that is just perfect. Whats more, I can combine everything I've learnt in my Graphic Art studies when considering the relationship between music/sound and animation, as just one example. As a lover of all things visual (except some laughable examples of 'contemporary art'), I have paid close attention to movies for many years, and would at least like to believe that I could follow a career that combines both my music discipline and my visual-compositional skills that I recognised at College.

The future? Ask me again in June '11! I think were all destined to take a path in life, but I couldn't limit myself to just one. It often gets me a bit blue when I allow myself to worry about the future, but as Ferris Bueller himself said;

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

It's not just a perfect film - he's a complete hero! :D

Tom 'Cat'

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