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All that’s happening on the film festival circuit, from up-and-coming indie events to SXSW, BFI’s Seasons and the London Film Festival.

Fantasia Review: 8 (2019)

Harold Holscher’s debut feature, 8, is seeping in South African culture and folklore as reality and superstitions collide. It’s hard to imagine that a film draped in breathtaking imagery is hiding something dark - what the film’s

EIFF 2019: Aniara (2018)

For a country known for Girls With Dragon Tattoos and Dancing Queens, Sweden asks you to take a chance on sci-fi epic Aniara. And this winner takes it all as it is one of the best films screened at the Edinburgh International Film

EIFF 2019: Astronaut (2019)

2019 sees the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing and writer-director Shelagh McLeod's debut feature Astronaut shows that the desire to reach for the stars remains strong. McLeod was inspired by the image of an old man at a