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NEWSFLASH! Mummy knows best …….

Next month sees the legend of the Mummy brought to the big screen as never before.  Forget Christopher Lee's interpretation for Hammer, as this time round it is the reincarnation of the deadly Egyptian Princess Ahmanet, played by Sofia…

TRAILER PARK: Monster Island

Every summer brings your usual host of animated, family friendly features to break up the monotony of the long school holidays.  Kids also, lets face it, love anything 'icky'.  So, put these two factors together, and you'll likely come up…

NEWSFLASH! Dynastic ambitions

It seems Joan Collins' much touted wish to see a revival of the super soap Dynasty - the show which revitalised her career in the 1980s, and made her a living legend in the world to TV and film - is to happen at last, though it appears…