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The latest reviews of all that’s cinematic, whether it’s big screen releases, films and TV coming to DVD and Blu-ray or *gasp* a book!

Filmworker (2017)

From an industry obsessed with ego and ‘the talent’, Filmworker is a refreshing dedication to one of the countless unremarked crew who help turn others’ ideas and beauty into recorded art.

The Post (2017)

In 2016, Liz Hannah's debut screenplay was ranked second on the Black List, an annual survey of most-liked films not yet produced that included Academy Award nominees Roman J. Israel, Esq. and I, Tonya. Its high ranking attracted the…

Lean on Pete (2017)

Lean on Pete is about a boy who lives in the Pacific Northwest, a big change from Andrew Haigh's previous two features about couples, young and gay, old and straight, set in England. In a way, Lean on Pete, from a novel by musician and…