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The latest reviews of all that’s cinematic, whether it’s big screen releases, films and TV coming to DVD and Blu-ray or *gasp* a book!

Another Round (2020) Film Review

Thomas Vinterberg’s Another Round has a lot more going on than even its eccentric premise would suggest. Here is a film that takes a great insecurity felt within many and, through its inciting incident and further, uses it as a means of

Sweat (2020) – Film Review

11 years ago The Social Network looked at how someone doesn't "get to 750,000,000 friends without making a few enemies". In 2021, Polish social media drama Sweat asks what do you do when you have 600,000 followers but zero friends? The

Supernova (2020) Film Review

A supernova is the largest explosion that takes place in space. Scientists describe it as a star increasing greatly in brightness due to an explosion within. Beautiful and catastrophic, it’s an apt metaphor for Harry Macqueen’s newest