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Queen & Slim (2019) Film Review

It has been quite some time since moviegoers had seen a unique love story fueled with measured toxicity worthy of the tension-filled moments overcoming the big screen. Director Melina Matsoukas, working with a penetrating script by

Working Woman (2019) Film Review

In the current age of the Me Too Movement and the on-going referendum for the respectable acknowledgment of female empowerment within the workplace of countless industries, director/co-writer Michal Aviad's Israeli sexual harassment drama

Hala (2019) Film Review

There have been countless effective coming-of-age dramas that have shed some sentimental light on the rigors of teenage femininity and all its encompassing ties to angst and the overall passage of life in general. Writer-director Minhal

Frozen 2 (2019) Film Review

In 2013, Disney released their 53rd animated feature, Frozen, which was their take on Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen. The film became a huge hit, inspiring millions of girls to ‘let it go’ and earning more than $1.2 billion at the

21 Bridges (2019) Film Review

There is no doubt that actor Chadwick Boseman has the magic touch when it comes to chewing up the scenery on the big screen. Whether demonstrating such force in revealing biopics such as 42, Get On Up, and Marshall or appearing in