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The Mentor (2020) Film Review

Many films benefit from a lack of production or budget. The Blair Witch Project (1999) is a fine example of how much you actually need to make a successful movie. The Mentor's plot may differ from the found-footage horror but still

The Lodge (2019) – Film Review

Similar to Vivarium, which also premiered at the 2019 London Film Festival, The Lodge is the latest horror to become unwittingly prescient about the dangers of self-isolating with family! Recently divorced from their mother, Richard

Extraction (2020) – Film Review

Fresh from battling Thanos, Chris Hemsworth lays down Thor's hammer and picks up a Rake in Netflix's Extraction. Hemsworth plays Tyler Rake. A mercenary who takes on a job liberating the kidnapped son of an Indian drug lord. Only to

Stray Dolls (2020) Film Review

Ambitious female-bonding indie crime thrillers have a certain knack for putting forth noirs that feel rich in its dark, surreal spirit. Co-writer/director Sonejunhi Sinha's Stray Dolls looks to spice up the genre with her featured devious

Butt Boy (2020) Film Review

It is safe to say that co-writer/director/star Tyler Cornack's strained, forcefully outlandish, and sluggishly nasty mystery and suspense comedy Butt Boy needs its sorry gimmicky ass kicked to the curb. This 100-minute prolonged gag about