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Stuber (2019) Film Review

It was a matter of time before Hollywood came knocking at the door in presenting the off-the-cuff trials and tribulations of the transportation phenomenon known as the Uber driver. On that note, director Michael Dowse ("What If", "Goon")

Silent Panic (2019) Film Review

Writer-director Kyle Schadt's revisits familiar territory with the "hiding the dead body" genre in the pedestrian crime thriller Silent Panic. Surprisingly uninvolving and flavorless, Schadt's male-bonding excursion into the seedy cover-up

Phil (2019) Film Review

The gumption to concentrate on a dark comedy about the contemplation of suicide is a bold move for any seasoned filmmaker to undertake while hoping that it registers with the intended off-kilter edginess it aims to sardonically tackle. In

Mankind (2019) Film Review

"The two lovers’ back and forth wouldn’t seem out of place in any domestic drama, and yet they cleverly subvert the context. Will isn’t leaving Evan for another person, but another planet: perhaps the most definitive goodbye there can be."

EIFF 2019: Aniara (2018)

For a country known for Girls With Dragon Tattoos and Dancing Queens, Sweden asks you to take a chance on sci-fi epic Aniara. And this winner takes it all as it is one of the best films screened at the Edinburgh International Film