Win The Incredible Hulk Original Movie Collection on DVD


For the first time ever, all 3 Incredible Hulk TV movies appear in one impressive collector’s edition box set and are available to buy on DVD. Thanks to our friends at Fabulous Films, we have three copies of the entire DVD boxset to give away.

See Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby back in action in The Incredible Hulk Returns, The Trial of the Incredible Hulk and The Death of the Incredible Hulk. Filmed in 1988,1989 and 1990, the films were directed by David Banner himself a.k.a Bill Bixby and feature appearances from a pre-MCU Thor, Daredevil and Stan Lee (obvs). Each film is available as a single title as well as in the dashing collection below.

Win The Incredible Hulk Original Movie Collection

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is comment below with your favourite incarnation of the Hulk. Three winners will be picked at random on Friday 31st August and announced over on our Twitter  and Facebook so be sure to follow us there so you don’t miss out. Good luck everybody, and if you don’t win…don’t get angry!

  1. Michael Fisher says

    Lou Ferrigno for me, the first I saw on television and loved every episode

  2. Kevin Honey says

    Lou Ferrigno without a doubt

  3. Adrian Bold says

    The man himself Lou Ferrigno!

  4. Roger Stanley says

    The one and only…..Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby

  5. S Edwards says

    Lou Ferrigno without a doubt for me always enjoyed it back in the 80s

  6. Leanne Hansell says

    Lou Ferrigno

  7. Graham Ross says

    Lou Ferrigno

  8. iain maciver says

    one and only…..Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby

  9. Paul knight says

    good Old 1980 TV

  10. Laura Turner says

    Lou Ferrigno

  11. andrea tinkler says

    Lou ferrigno. he was by far the best. used to scare me to death as a kid x

  12. Alex Fowler says

    Lou Ferrigno

  13. Mira Dyuss says

    Bill Bixby

  14. Dawn Rowley-White says

    Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby – terrifying when you’re a kid!

  15. Simon Harrington says

    Has to be the great Lou Ferrigno

  16. Ben Thompson says

    Lou Ferrigno all day!

  17. Keith Hunt says

    Lou Ferrigno

  18. Juliette Giles says

    It can only be Lou Ferrigno he was the best man

  19. Dane Simpkins says

    Lou Ferrigno

  20. sallie burrows says

    lou ferrigno

  21. Tray Ward says

    Definitely Lou Feringo as he was very menacing and to be honest quite scary when you are a child

  22. Tim says

    Lou Ferrigno!

  23. Robb Sheppard says

    …and even when you’re an adult!

  24. Robb Sheppard says

    We’re liking Ruffalo too though!

  25. Robb Sheppard says

    Still freaks us out!

  26. Robb Sheppard says

    Not any more?

  27. John says

    Still the best realisation of the big green fella. Beautifully made, and with that heart wrenchingly sad closing theme. Great stuff!

  28. Robb Sheppard says

    Spot on about the theme!

  29. Scott T. says

    Has to be Lou Ferrigno: it’s who I grew up with… Saturday afternoons cowering behind the couch, equal parts scared and excited by the big, angry, green man!

  30. Sam Stevens says

    no contest: Lou Ferrigno all the way. Scary!

  31. Robb Sheppard says

    I wonder if Ruffalo’s Hulk scares anyone?!

  32. Robb Sheppard says

    No CGI needed!

  33. Gurpreet Bhatia says

    The original and the best Lou Ferrigno with the best Hulk hair by far – many a time spent watching from behind the sofa as a kid.

  34. Kerry says

    Lou ferrigno is my favourite but my son prefers Mark ruffalo I would love to win these so he could see the original films

  35. Iris Tilley says

    Has to be Lou Ferrigno

  36. Robb Sheppard says

    Ha! His hair is pretty cool!

  37. Gillian Millls says

    Lou Ferrigno

  38. JULIE WARD says

    I prefer the original Lou Ferrigno, but I am an old foggie

  39. Robb Sheppard says

    Then I guess that makes us old foggie’s too!

  40. Tony Martin says

    For me Lou Ferrigno was the best hulk and Bill Bixby will always be Dr Banner, although fair dues Mark Ruffalo has made the role his own in recent years as the Doctor, though I still dont know if either are any good at changing a tyre without getting angry haha

  41. John Gregory says

    Lou Ferrigno is the Hulk I grew up with and therefore MY Hulk!

  42. Robb Sheppard says

    Haha! Agreed!

  43. Greg Morris says

    The unbeatable Lou Ferrigno/Bill Bixby combo.

  44. William Harris says

    Definitely Lou Ferrigno for me

  45. Neil Dobson says

    Lou Ferrigno

  46. Laura Banks says

    Lou Ferrigno he used to scare me as a kid

  47. Karen hutchinson says

    Lou Ferrigno

  48. Keith Hunt says

    Lou Ferrigno as the hulk cartoon show

  49. Annabel Greaves says

    I love the original Lou Ferrigno, I loved watching the original series as a child x

  50. BLAGGER says

    Lou Ferrigno for me,

  51. Eva Lorraine Appleby says

    Lou Ferrigno

  52. ElizM says

    I’ve got hooked into the current one but I used to love the TV series as a child (long time ago!)

  53. Dawn Rowley-White says

    Lou Ferrigno

  54. Jodie Green says

    Lou Ferrigno

  55. sean lambourne says

    Lou Ferringo

  56. Adrian Bold says

    Lou Ferrigno

  57. John Steele says

    Lou Ferrigno

  58. Allan Fullarton says

    Lou Ferrigno – the legend.

  59. sigourney povey says

    Lou Ferrigno !! 🙂

  60. Gill Williams says

    Professor Hulk

  61. greig spencer says

    Lou Ferrigno

  62. Bridget Willard says

    Lou Ferrigno!

  63. Sheri Darby says

    Lou Ferrigno

  64. Troy Easton says

    it would be Mark Ruffalo come on Avengers role is cool.

  65. Steven Montgomery says

    Peter Griffin 🙂

  66. Craig Austin says

    That would be Lou Ferrigno

  67. Kelly Knowles says

    Mark Ruffalo for me

  68. Carol Boffey says


  69. champaklal Lad says

    Lou Ferrigno the best

  70. Susan Smith says

    Lou Ferrigno

  71. jackie rushton says

    Lou Ferrigno

  72. Paul Bingham says

    Lou Ferrigno

  73. Lou anderson says

    Lou ferrigno!!

  74. Keith Crooks says

    Lou Ferrigno, all day long.


    Lou Ferrigno & Bill Bixby

  76. Richard Barclay says

    lou ferrigno

  77. Oliver D Smith says

    Lou Ferrigno

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