Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Film Fans


Looking for that perfect Christmas present for your Movie buff brother, Sci-fi sister or Kubrick wannabe? Well look no further as we have some excellent choices below…


The Sci-fi Geek

When it comes to buying for the sci-fi geek there’s no need to fraking freak as there are more choices than you could shake a triquarter at. Check out our ideas below and we’ll have you sorted in a nanosecond. Engage….

For new films we would recommend the brilliant Moon directed by Bowie Junior, and District 9 directed by Peter Jackson, both excellent original films. Also for the trekkies we would recommend the highly enjoyable J.J. Abrams directed Star Trek XI or ditch the new for the old and get the original films… Star Trek: Films 1-10 Remastered Special Edition which come in a rather snazzy box set not too dissimilar from a Borg cube (well it’s square anyway). And why not accompany them with the Conversational Klingon audiobook a must for all true fanatics!

There are loads of books out there that detail the best sci-fi films but what about the many movies that never quite make it instead being lost in development hell? The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Never Made chronicles these and it makes for great reading.

Another nice idea is movie posters. Some of the most iconic movie poster images fall within this genre and whilst the originals would cost you all the cubits in the Carillon system some very nice reproductions can be got at stocking filler prices. Check out All Posters where you can get some classics such as The Day the Earth Stood Still, Forbidden Planet and Attack of the 50ft Woman. Other great stocking fillers, especially for those partial to spouting the odd film quote or two, are the “In your pocket series” – check out the Star Trek and Yoda ones, like them lots they will.

The Budding Filmmaker

For those prone to the odd lights, camera, action and a tendency to shout loudly at people then we’ve some great ideas here. For starters the budding filmmaker isn’t going to get very far without a camera! A great value one is the Veho VCC-002 Kuzo which is a snip at under 100 quid, especially as it is HD 1080p and 20x zoom, great for the extreme close-up! Or if it is a serious filmmaker we’re talking about then you could go for something like the JVC GY-HM100U but at about 2700 quid it ain’t cheap! To complete the look get them a megaphone , clapperboard and Directors chair .

On a more practical level Making Short Films: The Complete Guide from Script to Screen comes highly recommended, it really is the only guide anyone would ever need to get them well on their way to making their first film. Although some added inspiration can also be gleamed from the very good Stanley Kubrick: A Biography.

The Horror Fan

Horror is another one of those genres with some iconic poster imagery, and as with the sci-fi posters the originals would cost you a severed arm and a leg, but reproductions are just as good. As before check out All Posters for horror classics such as Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Creature From The Black Lagoon and The Evil Dead.

For DVD recommendations then you simply can’t touch this…. Oh yes… It’s hammertime… The Ultimate Hammer Collection , which is great value at around 30 quid (RRP £150!) for a 21 disc box set. Another recommendation would be the Sam Raimi directed Drag Me to Hell . A good book choice would be 101 Horror Movies: You Must See Before You Die (which we think needs to be appropriately renamed to 101 horror movies you must see before you die screaming!).

Another nice little gift, albeit a deviation away from film, would be Dracula: A Toy Theatre. Edward Gorey was nominated for two Tony Awards for the set designs he created for the Broadway production of Dracula, and here they have been reproduced in miniature. Based on Edward Gorey’s set and costume designs, you get 3 pop-up stage sets, fold up cast and stage furniture and synopsis of the Broadway adaptation and notes on Gorey… they could use it to make their own plays and even short films!


The Movie Buff

Now we all know one of these types, one who has a film appetite that borders on unhealthy… obese even… In fact we’re a little guilty of falling into this category ourselves, so this one is easy as we’ve just listed things we want…

A true buff should never be without a trusty media player in the old back pocket so that they can whip out their favorite flick at a drop of a hat, and if the buff in question has been a particularly good boy or girl this year then you should reward them with the best on the market at the moment, namely the Archos 5 . Anyone would be over the moon if they got one of these beauts for Xmas, with capacities up to 500Gb they can fill it chock full of all of their favorite films, store them in DVD quality Mpeg 4 and with the 5 inch screen they get very comfortable playback. More importantly with internet capabilities it means they will never miss a flickfeast update! One note of warning though, Archos are pretty bad with accessories, all you get in the box is the Archos, headphones and cable to hook it up to the computer. The recipient will also want to get the Archos DVR Station so that they can record and playback via the telly.

After movies the next most important thing to buffs is… movie trivia! If they have an Xbox then get them Scene It? Box Office Smash! , the Buzz! Hollywood quiz is also great if they have a PSP. Another option, especially if they are light on friends is Intelliquest Quiz – Movie Trivia (they will need the Quizmo also) so they can quiz themselves Hands Solo style.

The buff also always appreciates great movie theme tunes so 100 Best Film Classics would go down a treat , as would classic reads such as Easy Riders, Raging Bulls


The World Cinema Aficionado

For the lover of all things subtitled, we would recommend the extremely good International Film Guide 2009 . It really is the most authoritative and trusted source of info on contemporary world cinema. For film recommendations a festive choice would be A Christmas Tale , an excellent, not so conventional, Christmas story. Also Let The Right One In was one of our favorite films this year. Lastly, the recipient should consider themselves very lucky indeed if they were purchased the fantastic new Criterion Kurosawa box set AK 100 featuring 25 of his best films. A warning though, it is not cheap (around £300) and not too easy to buy in the UK… but you could get a US version as long as they have a multi-region DVD player (which any world cinema aficionado worth their salt should have).


The Wannabe Hollywood star

For the natural born performers out there, those with aspirations of being a Hollywood star or starlet then check out the following…

A great guide to help them break Hollywood without the old casting couch coming into play is The Actor’s Survival Guide: How to Make Your Way in Hollywood . Self promotion is another great tool and one way to get them noticed is in the Zazzle Hollywood Wannabe t-shirt! Also let’s face up to the ugly, painful, truth that they have a much better chance of making it if they are… not ugly… so for gifts think ‘personal hygiene’ or such like as a Teeth Whitening Kit (this one really is painful).

Or better still just skip the whole wannabe stage and just let them pretend that they are in fact already a star with the very nice personalized Film Star Calendar!


Well we hope that some of our gift ideas above will have sorted you out, however let us leave you with a parting gift, so to speak… a present that would be appreciated by any film fan (of type included in the above or not) would be a LoveFilm subscription. Check out the gift section on their website, gift subscriptions just from just £16 and go all the way up to £128 if you are particularly generous!

Happy Shopping Everyone!

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