Now TV Box review


Sky have launched arguably the smallest set-top box available… and if it isn’t the smallest, it’s certainly the cheapest. Priced at £9.99, the bargain box provides access to subscription-free Sky content, BBC iPlayer , Facebook, Spotify and other apps. You also have access to Sky Movies and Sky Sports on a short-term subscription basis if you wish.


We really are astounded at how cheap this package is, it is hard to buy an HDMI cable for a tenner, plus it comes with a remote! Obviously Sky are hoping that you’ll be tempted into subscribing for additional content and, given you can get a free 30-day trial for Sky Movies, it’s a temptation hard to resist. We did just that, and must confess we’ll be keeping the subscription going. At £8.99 per month for three months and £15 per month thereafter it really is economical if you’re likely to watch more than 4 or 5 films a month that you would otherwise pay for on an on-demand basis. Sky Sports come at a higher price… a whopping £9.99 for a 24hr pass. However, it is certainly handy for the occasional foray into big sporting events on Sky.

NOW TV Box 01

It’s a cute little fella as well, measuring in at a trim 84 x 84 x 24mm. Portable enough for trips away (although the power adapter, HDMI cable and remote would be joining you). It’s a shame it can’t stream local media and doesn’t have a USB input and  whilst the cheapness of the product is evident in its design (the remote feels especially cheap) and interface, at less than a tenner, we implore you to get one.

  1. Olly Buxton says

    From another review: “missing from the list are Netflix, Lovefilm, ITV Player, and 4oD”.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if one box provided all of that?

  2. Robin Yacoubian says

    Yes it would, Sky have openly said they will be supporting more services in future but it is unlikely to support all of them. But for a tenner it is still a bargain.

  3. Olly Buxton says

    and a tenner says they won’t support Netflix, Amazon Instant or Lovefilm. I’m still going to snag one I think.

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