Flying Monsters 3D (2010)


In Flying Monsters, British national treasure Sir David Attenborough leads us on a spectacular journey uncovering  the life story of a species of winged reptilians  known as the pterosaurs. At their zenith the pterosaurs would have been nothing short of impressive with a wingspan of something close to a jumbo jet not too mention what they actually looked liked. Fortunately for us CGI and 3d technology has recreated their awesomeness for this super informative compact documentary. This is ‘Edutainment’ at its supreme best.

The recent announcement on the replacement of the voice of David Attenborough on BBC nature films serves as a timely reminder of the impact and extraordinary dedication he has on British learning and even to its ‘pysche’. This comes from 5 decades as a trusted authority on the presentation of our natural history and so is no wonder.  His enthusiasm has not waned as is evident in this latest instalment. The sprightly octogenarian first appears in Flying Monsters nestled amongst lush tropical greenery, dressed in radiant whites excited but composed , his voice once again, so distinctive , his honest delivery , reassuring,  ready to tell us something truly fascinating. I like the trust he can quickly establish with his audience. He has no ego, refreshing is’nt it?  More so in this  very cynical age. There is no celebrity attached to him. He, like his work, reminds us , there is more than just ourselves and the man still does his own stunts. Check Sir Davids’ composure whilst cruising in a glider filmed by a neighbouring helicopter cameraman delivering commentary. Flawless.

At 40 mins Flying Monsters is a breeze to sit through, regardless of how many facts and figures are thrown your way. The format is simple and direct. It’s the trusted formula and for the most part it works. Besides the spectacular 3d footage, at the IMAX no less, there is more than enough to keep you conscious. Praise must go to the CGI team for recreating some magnificent creatures and blending them effortlessly with live action. Your children,  of course, will be  enthralled, so will you.

Director: Matthew Dyas
Stars: David Attenborough
Runtime: 40 min
Country: UK

Film Rating: ★★★½☆

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