KubrickFeast: A Visual Guide To Kubrick Movie Locations in London



Stanley Kubrick was a famously obsessive filmmaker, his micromanagement of anything and everything to do with a production heightened by his severe fear of flying. Despite the settings of his movies spanning almost as many continents as they do genres, location shooting was a rare thing for Kubrick.

Mostly he preferred his set designers to construct elaborate, intricately detailed — and easily controlled — replicas on soundstages, most often at the Shepperton and Pinewood Studios near his country home in Hertfordshire.

There are exceptions, however. For the Kubrick fan looking to make a pilgrimage, but unable to afford flights to the moon or accreditation for film studios, we’ve compiled a list here of the London locations utilised in his films, with images comparing how they looked on the big screen to how they appear now (…with a little help from Google Street View).

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