Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)


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The fourth live action movie in the zombie-slaying franchise, based on the popular videogame series, comes to cinema screens with original director Paul W. S. Anderson back in the big chair and Milla Jovovich yet again taking the central role of Alice, a woman changed by her experiences with the dastardly Umbrella corporation.

Following on, pretty much, from the last movie (although there have been changes made to allow the story to move forward in a new direction) and also providing the very briefest of stylish recaps for newcomers, Resident Evil: Afterlife is slightly removed from the zombie action of it’s predecessors and moves more into straightforward action territory albeit action with the occasional zombie threat thrown in there. Alongside Jovovich we also get Ali Larter returning as Claire Redfield, Albert Wesker (this time played by Shawn Roberts) back as the main non-zombiefied baddie and a host of disposable characters who may or may not make it to the end credits depending on the whim of Anderson’s screenplay. We also get Wentworth Miller onscreen as Chris Redfield, brother to Claire and another character well known to fans of the games. The main body of the movie takes place in a prison facility, long since abandoned and surrounded by a mass of the undead, and it’s an enjoyably familiar siege scenario. When not based in the prison location, the rest of the movie dips slightly but I’d still go so far as to say that this film is a whole heap of fun for those who don’t mind their horror a little bit on the tame side and their movies more stylised than gritty.

Sadly, I’m not up to date with all of the later instalments in the Resident Evil gaming series (I think the last one I played was Resident Evil Zero on the Gamecube and that’s going back a few years) but comments from fans point out that this movie, like those before it, contains many little touches familiar to those who have enjoyed shooting up zombies on their console of choice so that should please the gamers but what of the film fans?

The acting is good, considering that most of the main players involved are simply recreating popular game characters in physical form. Jovovich is great as Alice, and has been since the first movie; a strong, sexy heroine who can surmount seemingly impossible odds and escape perilous situations by the skin of her teeth. Ali Larter and Wentworth Miller do just fine as the Redfield siblings even if they’re not actually that good compared to any standard acting yardsticks. Shawn Roberts is a bit too “Agent Smith” – like as Wesker but I think that may be the way the character was portrayed in the games anyway so that’s not really a major fault.

While the editing and direction may not be as bad as it was in Resident Evil: Apocalypse it’s a slight step down from the work of Russell Mulcahy on Resident Evil: Extinction. Some have complained about the overuse of the slo-mo effects (with most feeling that it is mainly to showcase the 3D for the cinema release) but it’s all done with a sheen and polish that at least gives you some cool movie magic while things sway between the almost-believable and the ridiculous. Most of the effects are well-done and there is there is at least one impressively over the top sequence featuring a character listed as “Axeman” that should entertain the undemanding popcorn muncher (like myself).

Everything else is okay. The soundtrack contains no surprises (if you’re after some delightful, free-form jazz then boy did you pick the wrong movie), the other actors such as Kim Coates and Boris Kodjoe do well enough and stylish action moment follows stylish action moment closely enough to guarantee that you won’t fall asleep during the rare “quieter” moments. A decent addition to the franchise, it’s just a shame that it had to have an ending so clearly paving the way for the next instalment.


Film Rating: ★★★½☆

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  1. Tue Sorensen says

    My ratings of the first three:
    I: 7 out of 10
    II: 4 out of 10
    III: 2 out of 10

    If I am smart, and consistent, I will definitely not go see the fourth. So, am I smart and consistent? I haven’t decided just yet…

  2. Kevin Matthews says

    It is hard to say whether or not you will like this one, I thought it a bit of a step back from the third movie but I really liked the third movie. Definitely fun in 3D though 🙂

  3. Tue Sorensen says

    I guess I have only myself to blame, but I watched this, and it was a whole new magnitude of nonsense. I was sure it couldn’t be worse than the 3rd movie, but it was. 1 out of 10.


    This movie was the greatest potpourri of nonsense I have ever witnessed. Big plot elements of nonsense, steeped in little details of nonsense. The details are too numberous to mention, but here are a few of the howlers:

    First a bunch of Alice clones attack an Umbrella facility, and we never hear who sent them: Nonsense. These apparently have telekinetic powers, although only the last of the clones actually use them: Nonsense. For no reason that is explained, the real Alice is aboard the escape chopper: Nonsense. She is turned human again, and seconds later mysteriously survive an explosive high-speed crash: Nonsense. The Umbrella corporation broadcasts a message leading survivors to one of their last secret bases: Nonsense. When our stalwart band get there, they first realize it’s a trap and then promptly walk into it: Nonsense. Then they revive all the people there although they have no food or other resources and the entire world is a zombie deathtrap: Nonsense.

    I could go on. Did I mention this movie is a bunch of nonsense? This writer/director, who is now forever barred from earning the tiniest smidgeon of respect from me, has achieved total suspension of belief. It is anti-art.

  4. Kevin Matthews says

    But what did you REALLY think of it, Tue? 😉

  5. Tue Sorensen says

    I invented a new word for it: Crapdrivel!

  6. Kevin Matthews says

    Haha, love that word. It kinda sums up almost every other movie that I watch. 😀

  7. Tue Sorensen says

    Ahmana watch this tomorrow:

    Aussie action/horror/sci-fi – with zombies! It’ll prolly stink, but well, I’ll be watching it in good company! 🙂

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