EIFF 2016: The Overview


And that’s it. You don’t need to put up with any more of my constant babbling (well, for a few days anyway). EIFF 2016 has come and gone, and what a fantastic 70th year it was for the festival.

Kevin Smith (plus wife, Jen, and daughter, Harley) was in attendance – and I still missed him, natch – and proved to be as chatty as ever in all of his main speaking engagements. We also had Clancy Brown enjoying the hospitality of Edinburgh for most of the festival. Dougray Scott was doing the rounds. Kim Cattrall gave a talk, as did legendary producer Jeremy Thomas. Meg Ryan arrived. Dominique Pinon was here. And Brian Cox. And Angus Macfadyen. And many, many more.

And, while these people were moving around the city and being spotted by eager fans, I was in cinema screens. Watching lots and lots and LOTS of movies. So let me go over the selection again, one last time.


The oldies.


Highlander. 9/10. This is an older review, but worth placing here as Highlander was given a special screening this year, thanks to a shiny new 4K restoration, and star Clancy Brown in attendance for it.

Popeye. 3/10.

Friday Foster. 7/10.

Belladonna Of Sadness. 8/10.

Flash Gordon. 8/10.

Barbarella. 8/10.


The best.

HFTW 1 Julian Dennison _Ricky__ Sam Neill _Hec_ Credit
Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Hunt For The Wilderpeople. (winner of the audience award) 9/10.

Finding Dory. 9/10.

The Love Witch. 9/10.

Karaoke Crazies. 8/10.

The Canterville Ghost. 9/10.

My Name Is Emily. 7/10.

Adult Life Skills. 8/10.

Mr. Right. 8/10.

The Hollow Point. 8/10.


And the rest.

Tommy’s Honour

Opening night movie – Tommy’s Honour. 7/10.

To Steal From A Thief. 7/10.

Macbeth Unhinged. 3/10.

Slash. 6/10.

The Library Suicides. (with Catrin Stewart winning an award for best feature performance) 6/10.

Moon Dogs. 7/10.

The White King. 4/10.

Bliss! 3/10

Yoga Hosers. 7/10.

Gary Numan: Android In La La Land. 7/10.

The Virgin Psychics. 3/10.

2 Nights Till Morning. 5/10.

Forsaken. 4/10.

Zero Days. 6/10.

Cheer Up. 6/10.

Little Men. 7/10.

The Colony AKA Colonia. 6/10.

Seat In Shadow. 6/10.

Aloys. 7/10.

Mojin – The Lost Legend. 3/10.

Bigger Than The Shining. 5/10.

The Rezort. 4/10.

Burden. 7/10.

Holidays. 5/10.

Shadow World. (winner of the award for best documentary feature) 7/10.

The Carer. 6/10.

The Carer photocall
The Carer photocall

Pikadero. (winner of the Michael Powell Award For Best Feature Film) 4/10.

FirstBorn. 5/10.

Spa Night. 7/10.

Tiger Raid. 5/10.

Take Down. 6/10.

The Correspondence. 6/10.

American Hero. 6/10.

The Fundamentals Of Caring. 7/10.

River. 7/10.

Brothers. 3/10

And the closing night movie – Whisky Galore. 6/10.

11.09.15 Whisky Galore Callsheet No 39 sc 68 EXT OPEN SEA Heavily laden boats weighed down with boxes Linda Gamble, Unit Publicist -Jen Rooks Production Co-ordinator Whisky Galore T: 0141 258 3452 M: 07732 065 997 E: jennifer.rooks@gmail.com PRODUCTION OFFICE: Whisky Galore Movie LTD / 2nd Floor / Suite 17 / Alexander Stephen House / 91 Holmfauld Road / Glasgow /  G51 4RY  REGISTERED BUSINESS ADDRESS: 76 Dumbarton Road / Clydebank / G81 1UG Credit ; Graeme Hunter Pictures, Sunnybank Cottages.  117 Waterside Rd, Carmunnock, Glasgow. U.K.  G76 9DU.   t.  01416444564  m. 07811946280  e.  graemehunter@mac.com" w. www.stills.tv
Whisky Galore

This isn’t the last that you will be hearing about some of these films, but it is the last you will be hearing about them for the time being. Because I think I need to lie down in a dark room now. Or maybe just treat myself to a marathon of Nicolas Cage movies.

So many thanks, as usual, are due to the staff who make it all happen, from the people choosing the movies, to the front of house staff in every cinema, to the EIFF staff dealing with everything from PR and interview opportunities to networking opportunities and, well, keeping us square-eyed ragamuffins in line.

Same time next year? Hopefully.

When Dougray Scott asked to have a photo taken with me . . . . . I couldn't really say no ;-)
When Dougray Scott asked to have a photo taken with me . . . . . I couldn’t really say no 😉

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