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Advertising Revenue Share to Contributors

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    Robin Yacoubian

    Effective from the 1st March 2017 75% of any profits generated from advertising on the site will be distributed between the contributors at the end of each year. They will be distributed fairly taking into account the following:

    1. The number of articles published by each Contributor for the year

    2. The individual ‘value’ of each article will be weighted as follows:

      Short news articles 1/2 point
      Trailers or other similar assets 1/2 point
      Normal Film Reviews 1 point
      Film Festival Reviews 1.5 points
      Spotlight articles (substantial interviews, festival previews/round-ups, biogs, etc) 2 points
      Top Tens (and the like) 2 Points

    3. Extra points may be allocated for additional responsibilities taken on by any Contributors, but we’ll figure that out as we go along and all results for the year will be published for all to see.

    We still favour quality over quantity, and we do not like much click bait. But please try and encourage people to read your articles. The more traffic we get to the site the more money we will make from advertising.

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    Robin Yacoubian

    Amendment to the points allocation as, now we have had a chance to trial it, this seems to work fairer…

    0.5 points for articles under 250 words regardless of category
    2 points for featured articles (Spotlight, interviews, top tens, festival round-ups, etc)
    1.5 points for festival film reviews
    1 point for everything else (including any contributions to group articles such as Feast Fam stuff)

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