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    Robb Sheppard

    Hello guys and gals. Thanks for all your help with the news posts this week. It scored us plenty of PR points and sparked some good social media chat too. It also got me thinking: we’ve got a fantastic team of writers, and a website with seven years’ worth of content and it’s time for a big push. But we need a little tidy up first.

    Therefore, I would like to run an Article Amnesty running from today until the 5th of May. In that time, it would be greatly appreciated (as well as hugely beneficial to us a team) if you could edit some of your existing articles on the site as follows:

    1. Ensure that a Featured Image is in place. The image needs to have the same Title and Alt Text aswell as the nature of the article. Eg. Avengers Infinity War Film Review. This is so readers can find and click through to your article through Google Images.
    2. Make sure at least one internal link is present in each article (Eg. Link to the Flickfeast review for the film you’re referencing or another work by the director etc.)
    3. Where possible, please link to any of our Cornerstone Content. These are: Top Ten Most Depressing Animated Movies, 10 French Actresses Taking Over Hollywood, Flickfeast’s Top Ten Judd Apatow Comedies and Robocop: Part Man, Part Machine, All OCP
    4. Please use the Yoast SEO tool. Like you, I don’t need to be told how to write so discard the readability tab, but the Keyword attributes are essential to making sure our work is read. Please make sure the SEO rating is OK or Good.

    I know most of you do all these as standard but this is just a reminder that these steps should be taken with every article posted in order to make sure our work is read. Of course, you’re more than welcome to do as many as you can, but if each of us can do 10 articles it will make a huge difference. It should only take a couple of minutes for each.

    As always thanks for all you do and get in touch if you’ve got any questions.


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