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    Robin Yacoubian

    This guide is for new joiners with Contributor status

    Here are some useful notes that we have gathered for new contributors.

    We currently use WordPress as our publishing software. To enable the WordPress contributor functions you need to first login into the site.

    Click the LOGIN link to go to the login page and login as normal. Once logged in you should see the black WordPress toolbar at the top of the screen. If you click the flickfeast menu it should take you to WordPress dashboard.

    In the dashboard screen you can manage your posts, comments and profile. When you create a post it is saved as a draft and then we review it (check/add tags,etc) and then publish it.

    A post needs the following items to be populated…

    Title – succinct with the focus keyword near the start of the title.

    Post body text – your review! Please emphasise the keyword in bold in its first and last occurrence.

    Categories – such as film review

    Tags (title, starring, director, genres, etc) – please, apart from normal capitalisation on names, keep to lowercase.

    But please just populate what you can and we will fill in the blanks before publishing it.

    We’re not strict about any rules but we do have some guidelines to help…

    We would ideally like review articles to be around 300-500 words long, no strict word count limits but bear in mind that people tend to not read really long articles… just be reasonable! Reviews for any films are cool as well.

    On the site the categories we currently have are…

    * Reviews:

    – Film Reviews – obviously just general film reviews (no ‘adult’ films please). Rated out of 10 stars

    – DVD reviews – film and DVD reviews (what are the extras, and what are they like if you can). Rated out of 10 for the film and out of 10 for the DVD. Can you please also state the details of the DVD copy reviewed.

    On film and DVD reviews please make the title the title of the film followed by, in brackets, the year it was produced (if in doubt, check IMDb).

    – Book Reviews – reviews for film related books.

    * Top Ten – any film related top ten lists, i.e. Best films of the 90s, ten best sequels, etc. These can typically have a larger word count than reviews, especially as we intersperse the article with lots of images.

    * Spotlight – biographies, interviews and any articles on any specific film topics. Like with Top Tens the word count can be longer for these articles.

    * Feast advice – general advice articles such as Movie Xmas gifts, etc

    * News – film related news. These can be a minimum of 100 words. Need to cite the source (and date news was published by the source). Unless the news is completely original.

    * Puzzles & Competitions – film related puzzles and competitions.

    * Festivals – our main festival coverage articles.

    We can add categories if you have any good suggestions. Please feel free to contribute any type of articles that you like. We also have a forum that we encourage people to contribute to and as a contributor you have access to a special part of the forum (which you have already found if you’re reading this post!).

    We also have a number of social pages, please hook up with us if you’re on any of them…

    It would be great if you could share your flickfeast articles on as many social sites as you can. However please do not spam other sites. Sites such as reddit allow self-promotion, but only about 1 in 10 links that you place, Stumbleupon is similar, like our pages but like others too! It really helps generate traffic to the site.

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    Robb Sheppard

    ‘Enter excerpt here…’ Adding an intriguing excerpt/tagline here (rather than in the subtitle section). These will show in social media posts instead of the first few lines of your article.

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