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    Tom Baker

    Anchorman news team assemble

    Ahem. Hi there! My name’s Tom, and I’m the newly-appointed News Editor here at Flickfeast!

    The existing team, working under Robb and Robin, have already been doing a sterling job at making sense of the flurry of press releases, trailers and puff pieces that get sent to our email accounts (and that’s before you get into the innumerable film-adjacent news stories being shared through social media, blogs, websites, YouTube etc every second of every day). As it stands, we work on a caretaker system wherein one member of the team handles news on a particular day of the week, following the schedule below

    Monday/Tuesday – Robb
    Wednesday – Jessy Williams
    Thursday – Joe Bull
    Friday – Katie Smith-Wong

    First of all, I’d like to confirm with those on the list if they’re still okay with this system for the time being, and if not to let me know ASAP! We’ll continue the current MO of sending through relevant stuff to each team member on their respective days.

    Moving forward, what with the Flickfeast family expanding, it’d be great to expand our roster of news writers and potentially change up the current way of doing things. As News Editor, from this day forward I’ll be contributing at least an article per day, but ideally I’d like there to be a steadier flow of news than what I and one person per weekday can put out. It’s a great way of driving traffic to the site, further establishing Flickfeast in the online movie journalism world, and developing the site’s voice and perspective.

    So! If you want to get involved in the news team, or are already involved, and have questions/comments/threats of mutiny, please sound off in this thread or drop me a line at [email protected]



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    Joe Bull

    I’m happy to continue but I haven’t been receiving any news via email and I struggle at the moment to find time to actually search out some news (darn baby!)



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