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    Robin Yacoubian

    Just a quick post to clarify when we should set our film reviews to be published.

    Firstly, if the PR people tell you that a film is under embargo (they may even get you to sign a form sometimes) then you must only publish your review once the film is out of embargo – the PR people will tell you when that is. Otherwise…

    Festival reviews – we publish these as soon as they are ready (naturally honouring any embargoes)

    Cinema releases – To be safe we publish reviews for these no sooner than the week of release. Cinemas releases tend to be on the Friday, but they can sometimes be on Weds or Thursday, so schedule your review for publication no sooner than the Sunday before that.

    Home Entertainment releases – Like with cinemas release we tend to publish these the week of release. HE releases tend to be on the Monday so schedule your reviews for the Weds/Thurs before that.

    It would be great if you could get your reviews done as early as possible though, just schedule them for the appropriate date. It is nice to add some details about the cinema/DVD release dates at the bottom of your reviews as well.


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