12 Gifts for Christmas – Day 5




Movie Novelisations

1475551321343episodev_empirestrikesbackWhich comes first, the film or the novel?  Well, whichever way round it is, the novelisation of films has been a lucrative sideline for filmmakers for years, and is now as important to its ongoing commercial success as the inevitable posters, cuddly toys and host of other memorabilia.e640c659a7ed58ba2bbbdebf392c3795  Sometimes the book form of a story will grow from the film, whilst new editions of famous novels are released especially to cash in on its translation to the big screen.  A major point in favour of the film / novel tie-in however, is that it covers all genres. So, whether you’re looking for a romantic story for granny, or a space opera blockbuster to try and get little Johnny interested in reading, they are a personal and affordable way to bring films to life and will last long after the festive season has ended.





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