12 Gifts for Christmas – Day 9





Vintage Film Magazines

4da011a11e344f7051abc7c54d7fa9e4With everything going on-line, physical magazines – including those related to film – are becoming increasingly rare.  Which is a shame.  Information at the touch of a button isc80da8438143f4a9ddaf031abe45c694 fine, but there’s still nothing quite like the feel of a magazine in your hands, particularly one devoted to your favourite films and film stars.  Ebay, Amazon and charity shops are awash with vintage film magazines, filled with features and profiles of stars from the past.  They also provide endless entertainment with reviews of contemporary films which now, with the benefit of time, may have proven spot on or, more often than not, overly optimistic. So treat yourself to a little nostalgia this Christmas, and remember that Hollywood did actually exist before the internet.






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