All change – yet again!


Typical. No sooner have you replaced all your redundant DVDs with the latest Blu-Ray editions of your favourite films, than they go and bring out a new even ‘better’ high definition format. Not that, it seems, the changes will effect many of us except those fortunate enough to own the new 4K television with super pixel screens.

So what does it mean for those who do? Well – cutting through all the technical jargon – the next generation of Blu-Ray discs will be of an even higher quality with increased resolution resulting in better picture quality and a more accurate colour representation on screen. Apparently the disc sound won’t be effected greatly by the changes, as current sound quality like Dolby TrueHD is of a near perfect studio level anyway. According to – who are one of the gadget boffin websites to report on the changes this week – the current 3D fad won’t be included on the new discs, giving a hint that this might eventually die out. They also say that copyright isn’t mentioned either, but that the new discs will require a dedicated machine to play them which should take care of this.

You may ask how this will effect mere mortals who have to make do with regular Blu-Ray discs or, worse still, DVDs. Well it probably won’t much, at least for the foreseeable future. However it’s always nice to know how the other half live or, in this case, watch their films.

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