Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows premiere


In the grand scheme of things, Sherlock Holmes – the franchise, is a business proposition that has paid off big time. Whether one thought the first movie was any good is a moot point. Guy Ritchie, is back on track. He will no doubt do a third installment, if anything else, his modern update of Sherlock will be remembered as the franchise that saw him broker one the most colourful and endearing on-screen affairs in recent memory.

That ‘bro-mance’ to use the accepted modern parlance, of Robert Downey Jr (Holmes) and Jude Law (Dr Watson) brought the hundreds of young females and many male fans at the European premiere of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, to a fever pitch at London’s Leceister Square. One placard demanding “Just Kiss Him”.

Their chemistry was obvious. The  male A-Listers were quite ‘touchy-feely’ even Guy Ritchie happily obliging for photo ops. Who knows this type of  behaviour could easily be adopted as a default position by other male stars looking to cash in on this Hollywood Phenomenon. And why not? The women can  have their exquisite gowns, jewels and heels. Now the men have something; each other.

The happy ‘couple’ were dressed in what I can only describe as high-end designer with a movie-star casual. Downey in brand new trainers youthfully at odds with his grey suit, Jude in a beanie and military style trousers sported a gorgeous blue blazer… It easily could of been Brooklyn, Dalston or even Silverlake by the way these two looked and carried on. Let’s face it Sherlock is something of a ‘Hipster Hero’. Conan Doyle  may have given the intellectual it’s first bona fide  super hero but he  gave him style also.

Looks aside, both Downey Jr nor Law could be pinned down by this interviewer to comment on more serious matters. The rain saw to that. Nonetheless, of the enduring nature of Holmes, Law commented that “he is a phenomenal character, he is the best friend that every one wants and also dreads having and Watson is the kind of everyman we all feel we are. Together they are a sort of Ying and a Yang”.  Guy Ritchie concurs, they are the heart and soul of the movie.. the basis of the movie is on those two.. they are what they are and people like what they are. The narrative is sort of secondary.”

Appearing along side the two will be, the ubiquitous Stephen Fry, playing Sherlock’s Snr brother, who lets us all know matter-of-factly that he will be naked in one scene, something that didn’t seemed to generate any cheers from the otherwise boisterous crowd.. The Swedish actress Noomi Rapace, will hopefully be better attired as the gypsy fortune teller she plays, than what she was brave enough to wear down the red carpet. All eyes, however, will no doubt be on the uber-villian, Professor Moriarty, played by the Mad Men Gent Jared Harris who confessed being quite “star strucked” by Downey Jr, he said Robert was “very generous and created an atmosphere where you gave your best work”. Lets hope.

We have some premiere highlights for you in the video below…

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows will have fans queuing from Dec 16.

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