Murder and ‘May’hem ……..


After the success of their recent ‘Apocalypse’ season the Horror Channel looks set to up the ante in May, with a series of weekend fright films which will be guaranteed to give viewers sleeps nights. Featuring six such provocatively titled nasties as Savaged, The Tattooist and Splinter, the films playing throughout the month of May will all be receiving their UK or Network TV premieres.


Whilst a number of those films showing revolve around unfortunate innocents who happen across unpleasant people and goings-on in rural farmlands or isolated backwaters, all those in the series are guaranteed to make your skin crawl. The films showing include:

MESSENGERS 2: SCARECROW (2009), Friday 1 May – 9:00 pm

MINE GAMES (2012) – Friday 8 May – 9.00 pm

PAINTBALL (2009), Friday 15 May – 9:00 pm

SAVAGED (2013), Saturday 16 May – 10:55 pm

THE TATTOOIST (2007), Sat 23 May – 10.45 pm

SPLINTER (2008), Fri 30 May – 10:50 pm

Further details of the films and the other gory delights playing on the channel throughout the month of May can be found on their website at:



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