NEWS FLASH! Ms Huppert ‘Cannes do’



No sooner has the annual film award season reached its zenith with the recent Oscar ceremony in Los Angeles, than the global film festival circus kicks off.  One of the biggest and most prestigious is of course the Cannes International Film Festival – or Festival de Cannes to give it its correct French title – which this year celebrates its 70th anniversary, and runs from the 17th to the 28th May.



This year the festival will feature the third Women in Motion event, run in conjunction with the global luxury group Kering, one of the festival’s official partners.  The poster just released to promote the programme – which aims, through a series of events, to promote the role of women in the film industry – features a steely gazed Isabelle Huppert staring at the viewer, in a pose reminiscent of a classic studio shot from Hollywood’s Golden Age.  Combining both the glamour and strength of women in film, the image captures perfectly the essence of an event which looks set to become a regular focal point of one of the most glamorous and influential dates in the annual film festival calendar.



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