NEWSFLASH! If you go down to the lake today …….


If you go down to the lake today and its name is ‘Bodom’, you needn’t count on coming back anytime soon.  Lake Bodom – the Nordic stalk-‘n’-slash which scared audiences witless at last year’s London Film Festival – is set to stream on the on demand service SHUDDER from tomorrow.

Directed by Taneli Mustonen, and based on apparent ‘real life’ events when four teenagers were murdered whilst sleeping in their tent on a camping trip in 1960, this ‘teenager in peril’ chiller sees four young people go on a pilgrimage to the site of the notorious murders, with predictably disastrous results.  As you can see from this clip just out to herald the film’s release, in the woods no-one can hear you scream!


Check out SHUDDER’s website for more details of the film, and how to see it from tomorrow:



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