NEWSFLASH! You’ll be shocked ’til you drop …..


Those behind Kuso – the film which caused such controversy at it’s screening at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year – appear to have achieved the impossible. They’ve cut a deal with SHUDDER – the thriller, suspense and horror streaming channel – to screen the film in North America and the UK / Ireland.



The feature film directorial debut of Steve Ellison – aka DJ / rapper Flying Lotus – has been described as the grossest movie ever made, and if you watch the trailer (we won’t include it here for reasons of decency) you’ll understand why.  Concerning the story of several characters who survive an earthquake in Los Angeles and what happens to them in the aftermath is, well, just plain weird.  But storyline is beside the point, as the main purpose of the film appears to be to disturb, repulse and nauseate any film fan with even the slightest degree of taste or decency.



If this hasn’t put you off you can watch the film via SHUDDER from the 21st July.  Further details can be found at:  Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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