No show without a host of stars


The winners at what is arguably the most prestigious film event of the year, would have you believe that they are the only really important people at the Oscars. However the majority of film stars know the odds of being chosen as a presenter of an award are probably better than those for actually getting one. If you’re not one of the select nominees on the evening, the job of announcing a lucky winner makes for a very satisfactory consolation prize. With this in mind and with less than a week to go to the big event, the list of those chosen to reveal the contents of the winning envelopes is growing by the day. Taking this year’s list of presenters to over forty Nicole Kidman, Channing Tatum and Liam Neeson are amongst those just added to the galaxy of stars already scheduled to appear on Sunday – including Jessica Chastain, Ben Affleck, Shirley MacLaine, Jennifer Anniston and Sienna Miller. They may not be going home with a golden boy, but at least they’re guaranteed a ringside seat at the biggest night in Hollywood’s calendar.

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