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Here at Flickfeast we do love a good horror movie. Well, okay, some Flickfeasters get a bit too scared, but some of us certainly love a good horror movie. And there’s really no better time of year to enjoy a good horror movie than these winter months, with the extra hours of darkness and colder temperatures making it even easier for goosebumps to start rising.

One of our favourite horrors of 2013 was You’re Next, and if you somehow haven’t heard of it then check out the trailer here…

Kevin Matthews had this to say in his review, and Olly Buxton paid compliments to the movie here, and now anyone who missed their chance to see the movie at the cinema can pick it up for their own movie collection, courtesy of Lionsgate.

Taking the well-worn home invasion template and giving it a shot in the arm, director Adam Wingard (working once more with writer Simon Barrett) manages to meet the expectations of horror fans, while also twisting them at every opportunity. You’re Next works so well because it’s both familiar and also twisted into something new, and the layer of black comedy throughout is a major bonus.

Mixing in full-time actors with a number of people who both act and direct (Ti West, Joe Swanberg and Larry Fessenden), and including the horror icon that is the beautiful Barbara Crampton as another huge plus point, You’re Next has a sense of fun and playfulness that you can sense in almost every sequence, but that doesn’t mean that the tension is forgotten. Oh no, when things start to go horribly wrong for our leads (including Sharni Vinson, playing someone you really end up rooting for) then Wingard shows that he knows exactly how to make the most of the material.

Well acted, expertly handled on the technical side of things, and as funny as it is gripping, You’re Next is the latest must-have title for any lover of independent horror.

You’re Next is available now to buy on Amazon here.


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