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In the ever changing world of TV technology, it seems like new advancements are announced every week, to the extent you question whether there really is anywhere else your humble TV set can go. Well, it appears the answer is yes, with the announcement of the latest high-tech screens called organic light-emitting diode televisions – or OLED TV for short.

These TVs – the most advanced and aesthetically beautiful of which are produced by LG Electronics – emit light and intensify the darkness you see on the screen, which in turn highlights other colours producing a new and heightened sense of realism. Industry insiders such as Michael Uslan – originator and Executive Producer of the Batman movie franchise – who know more than a little about the magical attributes of dark and light in relation to bringing visuals to life on digital screens, have been astounded by the degree of reality and naturalness screens, such as that of the new LG OLED TV, can bring to the home viewing experience.

As Uslan explains, “perfect black is the portal to perfect colour”, and as a result, “perfect black creates perfect colour”. In turn it follows that by intensifying the blackness, on screen colour will be deepened, sharpened and emboldened against it, as happens with LG’s new OLED TVs.

The result of this new technology is unlike anything experienced before. Cityscapes and iconic landmarks stand out against skylines with stark, new vitality, whilst people, animals and everyday objects jump from the screen in vivid 3D, creating a home viewing experience as near to reality as possible. The humble TV screen may not have replaced the full cinematic experience yet, but with advancements such as LG’s new OLED technology it’s only a matter of time before it does.

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