Star Trek featurette released…


Star Trek has a strong following to put it mildly!

When the most recent Star Trek film was released, no-one was sure as to whether it would be true to the originals, however I’m delighted to say we were all proved wrong…very wrong.

It was incredible, a perfect mix of information for beginners to the franchise (such as myself) as well as more in depth, ‘in house’ information for the true ‘trekkies’.

Now the follow up film is due for release, simply titled, Star Trek Into Darkness. With a huge cast and an even bigger budget this film would struggle to disappoint. Directed by the legendary J.J Abrams Star Trek Into Darkness is a sure fire hit.

Paramount studios have recently released a teaser featurette video which includes commentary and interviews from the director, Abrams, as well as several of the cast. The main thing to notice in the video is the sheer adrenaline fuelled action of it all, it draws in your eyes and then somersaults them all over the screen, left to right, top to bottom, visually  it looks superb.

With such a famous franchise you cannot cut corners and judging from this early video it is apparent that Abrams hasn’t, he himself says of the movie;

“…it was the most fun and challenging experience I’ve ever had…”

“…the action in this movie and the scale of this movie, is light years beyond what we did in the first movie…”

You can watch the featurette trailer here;

The featurette also brings up the use of 3D technology and Imax cinemas as a way of adding to a films effects and presence.

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