Star Wars to have stand-alone series?


The Global internet film community has erupted into a gushing volcano of rumours and hearsay in the last couple of weeks, due to the announcement that there will be a series of stand-alone Star Wars films, based on some of the more popular characters from the cult Sci-Fi classic.

According to The Inquisitr, Robert Rodriguez has shown interest in creating a separate film, centring around Han Solo, there is also talk of a Boba Fett stand alone film, as well as possibly a Yoda based outing.

The Star Wars fan base seems to be split down the middle as to whether these films would be beneficial to the franchise, the news has brought about the Marmite effect, you either love it or hate it.

As a cinema goer, I personally, am happy about the news. I’m not a die hard Star Wars fan and so feel that any film, as long as it is an original story evolving a character, will be an asset to the franchise.

Learning the origins of Yoda and why he chose the force, or even seeing Han win the Millennium falcon from Lando, to me sounds like a good thing and most Sci-Fi geeks will rub their hands together with excitement at the mere thought of such things.

Obviously the rumour mill has quite literally spun faster than Usain Bolt running for the last bus home, with forums and social media alike ripe with whos and what ifs. There are already whole forums dedicated to guessing which actor will play who and when will the story be based etc. As I understand it at this present time nothing has been confirmed other than the fact that the films will be in production but watch this space, FlickFeast will bring you the latest as we hear it.


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