Supergirl Film In The Works From Warner Bros.


This week we got further proof of the diversification of the DC Cinematic Universe (or whatever it’s called nowadays) as Warner Bros announced they have a Supergirl film in the works. The film is being developed by 22 Jump Street and The Cloverfield Paradox writer Oren Uziel.

Following the relative failure of Justice League — it made double its budget back at the box office, but those figures don’t take into account the amount spent on marketing and such, and really the studio was hoping for an Avengers-level payday — the DC movie “brain trust” disbanded. Now it sounds like the idea of founding a shared cinematic universe in the Marvel vein have been all but abandoned.

We have next year’s Shazam! adopting a completely different style and aesthetic to the Zack Snyder template that’s been followed since Man of SteelHarley Quinn vehicle Birds of Prey moving forward, another time-displaced Wonder Woman film on the horizon, Matt Reeves’s possibly out-of-continuity and Ben Affleck-free The Batmanand that bonkers Joker origin film on the horizon.

Will Supergirl follow in that fashion? It’s hard to say. The character previously starred in the camp classic eighties movie of the same name, which featured Helen Slater in the title role and Faye Dunaway as the villain, and which nominally took place in the same world as the Christopher Reeve Superman films. Perhaps Henry Cavill will make a cameo here?

Currently, Melissa Benoist stars as Superman’s Kryptonian cousin on The CW’s small-screen series, where actor Tyler Hoechlin has appeared fleetingly as the Man of Steel. Given that TV’s Flash, Grant Gustin, was passed over in favour of Ezra Miller for the scarlet speedster’s big screen incarnation, don’t expect Benoist to make the single-bound leap to the Supergirl movie.

This will make yet another woman-lead franchise for the DC movies, what with Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn already a part of the gang, and a Batgirl film presumably still in development despite losing Joss Whedon as a writer/director.

Marvel are seriously flagging behind their distinguished competition in this respect. Captain Marvel, due for release next March, will be the 21st MCU film but the first with a female lead. Kevin Feige recently announced a long-overdue solo flick for Scarlett Johansson‘s Black Widow, too.

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    Awesome! Bring on the Omegahedron!

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